Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Sale at!

There aren't a lot of places in Wichita to get bridal shower or wedding reception favors - so most brides opt for purchasing online. If you're in the market for beach, summer, fall, winter, wine, chocolate, picture frame or any other kind of favors, chances are there's something you'll like on sale at The Knot Wedding Shop! Tons of favors are 60% Off right now - a great time to buy even if your wedding is several months away.

Practical picks?

Wedding Cameras On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop

Disposable cameras let your guests capture tons of candid shots - which is awesome, because as hard as you'll try, you just can't be everywhere at once on your wedding day! Place a cute basket or a box wrapped like a wedding gift by the door. When they exit, cameras can be deposited for you to develop at a later date.

Personalized Napkins - NEW DESIGNS!

Personalized cocktail napkins give any shower or reception a more unique touch - tons of colors and designs available!

Be sure to check out the special clearance section, too!

Clearance at The Knot Wedding Shop

Monday, May 4, 2009


Brides, vendors, & lookie-loos,

I am so sorry for the lengthy absence! If you think life will slow down after the wedding, let me warn you that's not the case! While I can no longer make this blog a top priority, I promise not to neglect you entirely. I will work to bring you great sales from wedding vendors, keep my eyes peeled for helpful bidal tips and tricks, and (of course) pass on funny and/or scary wedding stories and videos.

So, again, my apologies.

Be back soon.

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