Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Wedding Cake Toppers...from Wal-Mart?

So, on Saturday I was at Wal-Mart for nail polish remover. Recently, my WM has undergone a major overhaul: virtually everything has moved to the most inconvenient and unintuitive location they could possibly imagine. However, as I wandered aimlessly through what used to be the cosmetics section (now home to bath towels and shower curtains) I spotted it. The wedding section. A couple of years ago, Wal-Mart was still one of the leading cheesy wedding crap distributors in town - but now it seems they've realized the potential for matrimonial parafanalia. Their products are still inexpensive, but many of them are REALLY cute! In fact, they've got an entire line of Martha Stewart DIY projects, accessories, and stationery!

Anyhow, what truly surprised me were two cake toppers. Read some of my thoughts on wedding cake toppers here. The first one is from Wilton, the famous cake decorating company.
See how fun non-tacky toppers can be???

Then there was this one from Martha Stewart. I admit, I don't quite get it. A bell hanging from a flowery branch? Whatever. But it's different, and that's what I appreciate. That and the fact that all of Wal-Mart's cake toppers are super inexpensive - not a one was over $30! Here's a link to all of their wedding cake toppers - some are even able to be personalized.

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